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From Her to You 

Unlocking global feminine ancestral wisdom to inspire future generations of identity empowered leadership

-founded by Safiyeh Salehi Mobarakeh- 

Identity Empowerment & Female Leadership      through science & soul based Mentorship

nush:u is all about unlocking feminine ancestral wisdom that was passed down from generation to generation, allowing young women of colour to navigate a world in which they find themselves underrepresented, redefine their internal narratives and step into their full potential. 

Inspired by the 19th century ‘Secret Language for Women’ called nüshü. This secret language was spoken and written by women only, allowing women from the Chinese Hunan province to write poetry and stories, and communicate with “sworn sisters,” bonds between women who were not biologically related. A secret language, transmitted from (grand) mother to daughter.

In Farsi, Safiyeh’s second mother tongue, ‘nush’ means 'to
nurture'. nush:u thus literally means 'nurture you'. 

All of us carry treasures of ancestral life-lessons with us.

nush:u is a multimedia platform that powers global exchange of valuable life-lessons from our maternal lineages.

nush:u catalyses identity empowered leadership; showing up fully as you are - embracing your identity in all its facets with knowledge and understanding of your core values.

nush:u offers women of colour in business powerful methods to navigate life-choices and spaces in which they find themselves underrepresented, redefining their personal and professional leadership whilst honouring ancestral feminine wisdom. 

Life-lessons from an ancestral heritage that are needed now more than ever before to lead a value-driven life. A life that is centred around nurturing your soul. 

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