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About Safiyeh 

Born without an immune system, I had to overcome many obstacles as a child. As a daughter of a Dutch mother and a Persian father,  maneuvering between cultures taught me about social fabric and identity constructs from a young age. Raising my three now teenage sons as a solo mother teaches me everything about leadership by example on a daily basis. Throughout my career being an independent social impact innovation liaison and public speaker, I have always effectively navigated different leadership roles between my solo parenting ambitions and professional aspirations, often at the expense of my own health.


In 2021 my hectic life came to an abrupt stop. A life-threatening assault left her with severe mental and physical damage, which ushered in a new chapter of her life; rebuilding myself brick by brick… and deciding to strictly focus on endeavors that nurture me in all her facets. I founded nush:u which encompasses everything that I am passionate about: feminine leadership, identity empowerment, cultural heritage, ancestral wisdom and female-agency.

Why work with me?

I am the go-to expert when it comes to mentorship for Women of Colour in Leadership. Over the past years I invested heavily in academic training, research and certification to equip myself for my mission. This mission to empower a new generation of identity empowered leadership inspired by ancestral wisdom and science and soul based mentorship. I developed a unique methodology (nush:u - identity empowered leadership) on the intersection of cultural identity, professional leadership and personal development.

The methodology is based on the 3 pillars Empower. Equip. Elevate.

As a certified mBraining coach I help mentees to align the three main neural networks (mind, heart and gut) with ancestral wisdom in order to develop their own unique leadership signature.

Investments in my personal and professional development are directly integrated into the nush:u mentorship programme, allowing my mentees to tap into the resources and methods of the world's most renowned knowledge institutes. Some of the most recent accomplishments being:


  • In 2022 I succesfully completed the Yale School of Management Women in Leadership Program (final grade 9,9 out of 10). 

  • I am a certified mBraining Coach; aligning mind, heart and gut brain methodology combining neurologic science and ancient wisdom.

  • In May 2023 I got selected to participate in the new Women of Colour in Leadership Program at Harvard Business School on campus in Boston.  

Above all I endeavour to share the unique set of life experiences, professional accolades and knowledge I accumulated throughout my journey with those I work with. One of my core values is generosity, specifically in relation to knowledge. Passing on those life lessons and wisdom that does not come from text books is one of my essential driving forces.  

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To provide women of colour with access to personal amd professional leadership methods honoring and incorporating ancestral feminine wisdom to navigate today's life choices, claiming and empowering their identity unapologetically.  


To unlock global feminine ancestral wisdom to inspire future generations of identity empowered leadership.

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