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Are you ready to define your unique personal leadership signature and not only claim that seat at the table but also the space and agency that comes along with it? 

The science & soul based leadership programmes by nush:u are developed for the 'ones, the only's and the few' female leaders of colour navigating boardrooms and workspaces. Work with Safiyeh and be the most authentic, unapolagetic version of yourself; nurture your soul, embrace all facets of your identity, honour your feminine ancestors, develop your unique leadership signature and set yourself up for success in business, life & spirituality!  

From Her to You

-founded by Safiyeh Salehi Mobarakeh- 

Identity Empowerment & Female Leadership      through science & soul based Mentorship

nush:u is all about unlocking feminine ancestral wisdom that was passed down from generation to generation, allowing professional women of colour to navigate a world in which they find themselves underrepresented, redefine their internal narratives and step into their full potential.
Stemming from a life-long journey of navigating spaces where she was perpetually underrepresented, I have made it my mission to empower a new generation of multi-faceted female leaders. nush:u is here for the firsts, the only's and the few in the workspace. For those aiming to not just claim that seat at the table, but fully claim all the space, the influence and agency that comes along with it. Aware of the generational heritage we carry with us, feeling the desire to create a legacy that does justice to those who cleared the pathways for us. 
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nush:u programmes

All programmes have been uniquely designed infusing my own Identity Empowered Leadership methodology, as well as years of academic research, education and learnings. Allowing mentees and participants in the nush:u programmes to tap into the resources and methods of the world's most renowned knowledge institues. Investments in my personal knowledge and professional development include: the Yale School of Management Women in Leadership Program (completed in 2022 with a final grade 9,9 out of 10). I am a certified mBraining Coach (aligning mind, heart and gut brain methodology combining neurologic science and ancient wisdom). And in May 2023 I got selected to participate in the new Women of Colour in Leadership Program at Harvard Business School.  
nush:u 1:1 From Her to You mentorship programme 

Individual mentoring by Safiyeh 

Hybrid: combination of live (in The Netherlands) and online sessions

5 months

nush:u togetHER we rise  

Group programm


4 months 

Max 12 participants per cohort

nush:u MentorHER, Empowering Women's Leadership Academy

A unique programme for corporates & public organisations. Training Senior Female Executives to become succesful, empowering mentors for upcoming female leaders in their organisation. 

4-6 weeks

Programme customised based on client context. 

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Group programme 

TogetHER we rise - Identity Empowerment & Female Leadership Accelerator

An online mentorship programme, infused with enriched with sisterhood dynamics, group interaction, networking and collective empowerment. The group programme launches 2 times a year, allowing for a maximum of 12 participants per cohort. 

A 4-month programme, teaching you the foundation of identity empowered leadership, self-love, alignment of heart, mind & soul, as you work towards defining your own unique personal leadership signature. 
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Mentorship programme

From Her to You
Empower. Equip. Elevate.
Embark on a transformative journey with our three-pillared mentoring program designed to empower mentees, cultivate self-agency, and enable value-driven decision making. This program is specifically crafted for women of colour in leadership, guiding them at the intersection of cultural identity, professional leadership, and personal development. With a science and soul-based approach, our mentorship program will empower you to discover and embrace your unique personal leadership signature, providing a solid foundation for the entirety of your career. Gain invaluable tools for self-love and achieve alignment between your mind, heart, and soul, forever transforming the way you navigate life's challenges.
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Mentoring for succession

MentorHER, Empowering Women's Leadership Academy

Unlock the potential of senior female executives to become influential mentors for emerging female leaders within your organisation. MentorHER is a unique and customisable training program designed for corporates and public organizations. Over a period of 4-6 weeks (online/hybrid), senior executives embark on a transformative journey, acquiring the tools and insights rooted in scientific research to provide the next generation of leaders with effective guidance.


  1. Empowered Senior Executives: Expand leadership skills and cultivate a rewarding mentorship role.

  2. Emerging Female Leaders: Receive impactful mentorship and guidance, propelling career growth.

  3. Sustainable Organisational Culture: Promote knowledge transfer and higher retention rates.

This program is tailored to your organisation's specific context, ensuring an approach that aligns with your goals and values.

By investing in MentorHER, you create a win-win-win scenario, driving the advancement of women in leadership, fostering a supportive organisational culture, and nurturing a pipeline of talented future leaders.


The stage has become my natural habitat over the years, and I have become a coveted speaker on various topics:


- identity empowerment- feminine leadership 

- female agency

- humanity & inclusion in business


On request, I deliver keynotes, which are always a combination of my personal story and professional expertise and knowledge, geared towards the audience in the room. Clients and audience commend me for delivering a truly unique keynote experience, always leaving the audience inspired and left with new insights. 

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